Financial due diligence has become an important feature in mergers and acquisitions. Good corporate governance advocates it, and the ever-increasing complexity of business transactions requires it. Financial due diligence is not limited to use in mergers and acquisitions, it can be deployed in business disposals as well.

In many aspects, financial due diligence is similar to audit task, and we work under stringent professional standards. We assign qualified and experienced personnel on the job as they are significant and time critical. With our extensive experience in various businesses and industries, we are able to give advice on different type and complexity of the investment transactions before you commit.

Our Services

  • Gather quality financial and commercial information
  • Help to design appropriate evaluations
  • Help in negotiation and making final investment decisions
  • Help to identify hidden liabilities and conduct contingency assessment
  • Assist to comply with listing rules and regulations of the Stock Exchange
  • Review application and appropriateness of Financial Reporting Standards in financial statements
  • Perform assessment of operational viability