Prism offers comprehensive asset and business valuation services with the highest level of internationally recognised expertise.

Business Valuation

  • Fair value assessment for public and private company
  • Purchase price allocation (PPA) exercise for pro-forma and / or financial reporting
  • Value-in-use purpose assessment for impairment test
  • Fair value assessment of biological asset for transactional and / or financial reporting purpose

Financial Instrument Valuation

Commonly used valuation models include the Black-Scholes option pricing model, binomial option pricing model, Monte Carlo simulation model, real option model, Merton model for default probability or any combination of the above to perform valuation of ran's financial instruments, including employee share options (for listed or unlisted companies), corporate bonds / notes and preference share (for listed and unlisted companies), financial guarantees, interest rate or currency derivatives, equity-linked notes, credit default derivatives, interest rate swap and accumulator.

Intangible Assets Valuation

Examples of intangible assets includes trademarks, tradename, distribution networks, brand, online platform, noncompete agreements, customer relationship, franchising agreements, management contracts, exclusive or non-exclusive distribution rights, mining rights, patented technology and copyrights.

Real Estate and Property, Plant and Equipment Valuation

We provide professional valuation and consultancy services for all types of plant and machinery and real estate properties in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China and around the globe.